The Wine Industry Planning Grant is an initiative to engage stakeholders to clarify the composition of the Wine Industry in GO Virginia Region 9 (Region 9) and to identify barriers to scaling in addition to developing actionable strategies for addressing gaps. A report with action plan will be published in late 2024.

Grant Proposal

Take the survey!

  • Survey responses play a crucial role in crafting an impactful action plan to bolster the wine industry in GO Virginia Region 9. As a token of gratitude for your valuable feedback, the grant team will email you a personalized report for your winery, generated by Placer AI, once the survey phase of this project concludes. Click here to view a sample report. Thanks to the Town of Culpeper for sharing this resource with GO Virginia Region 9 wineries.

Grant contacts:

Advisory Board:

  • Tori Buell, Town of Culpeper
  • Helen Cauthen, Central Virginia Partnership
  • Cynthia Chiles, Crown Orchard
  • Chris Engel, City of Charlottesville
  • Tracey Gardner, Madison County
  • AJ Greely, Hark Vineyards
  • George Hodson, Veritas
  • Shannon Holland, GO Virginia Region 9
  • Maureen Kelley, Nelson County
  • Jason Murray, Arterra Wines
  • Francoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, Revalation Vineyards
  • Candace Spence, Central Virginia Partnership
  • Kenny White, Chateau Merillane
  • Alan Yost, Greene County